Getting To Know Your New Home

During the home buying process, you may think that the inspection is just one more step to check off your list. By paying close attention during the walkthrough, though, you can learn valuable things about your new home. Water Main During an emergency situation, it’s important to know where everything in your home is located.…

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The Importance of Having a Vanity USB Port

If you, like many, enjoy using your phone in the bathroom, consider incorporating a USB port in your home electrical and lighting plan. Make the Most of Your Personal Time With a USB Port There are different areas in which you can place a USB port; each of these areas will make using your phone…

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Get the Most From a Home Inspection

A home inspection tells you many things about a structure. Knowledge is vital in order to make informed buying decisions. Here is one area to consider that helps you get the most from a home inspection. Go With the Flow A structure’s plumbing is a major factor in deciding whether or not to buy a…

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Southwest Florida Electric: Propane or Gas?

When you are trying to heat your home, which is better: natural gas or liquid propane? Liquid propane is a byproduct of natural gas. A generator that uses propane will boil the liquid to produce a gas that powers the generator. A generator that runs on natural gas does not need to boil its fuel,…

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Smart Home Improvement Ideas

Any responsible homeowner knows that upkeep and maintenance never ends. Not only should you make necessary repairs as they arise, but occasional updates are important too. Not all projects require a lot of time and money. You can accomplish some tasks without expending a lot of effort, but these projects can still make a big…

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The Right Radon Mitigation System for your Home

While it’s a great idea to install a radon mitigation system in your home, it’s even better if that system actually does what it’s supposed to. One of the best ways to determine if your mitigation system is working is to measure how your system affects your entire home. If you should ever find yourself…

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Caring For Your Windows

Maintaining the windows in your house is an important part of upkeep. This is especially true during the summer when rainstorms are common. Window frames should be periodically cleaned to clear away clogged debris, keeping your windows beautiful and your home free from water intrusion. Weep holes exist on the bottom of window frames for…

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How To Charge Your Electric Bathroom Items

Use Drawers as Spaces for Electrical Outlets As you formulate your home electrical and lighting plan, note that there exists an innovative way to power the electronic accessories in your bathroom. It involves placing outlets in the interior of your vanity drawers. This unique and creative method gives you the chance to store electric devices,…

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One Way To Get the Most From a Home Inspection

Professional home inspections give you a lot of valuable information about a house you are considering buying. However, even before the official inspection happens, you can be proactive and ensure you will get the most benefit. Here is one way to make the most of the inspection. Do Your Own Inspection You do not have…

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Is a Backup Generator Necessary?

Having a backup generator protects you from the consequences of a blackout. Whether you live in an area prone to power outages or have any necessary equipment that relies on electricity, a backup generator provides you power when you need it the most. Should You Have a Backup Generator? If you like having peace of…

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Winter Checklist: Keep Your Branches Clean

If you are ready for winter weather, then you can take more time to relax. Even if it’s an unpredictably cold winter, you’ll know how to handle it. To keep your property safe, you need to focus on the outdoors just as much as you focus on the interior of your home. Take Care of…

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New Year Home Checklist: How To Prepare for Winter

Since it’s the beginning of the year, January is one of the best months for a fresh start. It’s a good time to start new projects or prepare your home and family for winter weather. Test Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors Throughout the winter, you’ll be using the heaters and fireplaces more frequently. To keep…

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Radon Attic Installation Keeps You Informed

Attic Installation Benefits If you’re in the market for a radon mitigation system, consider installing your new system through the attic. While both exterior installation and attic installation are used, here is one of the many benefits of radon systems through the attic. Keep Informed When you have a radon mitigation system installed, it’s crucial…

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Winter Checklist: Create a Space for Yourself

The holiday season can be one of warmth, joy and relaxation. If you’re like most and have an endless to-do list over the holidays, then you need to remember to take a moment for yourself. The best stress relief can be offering yourself a few moments to prepare for the day. Create Your Own Zen…

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The Perks of Scheduling Annual Heating Maintenance

Is your home ready for those chilly winter months? While you may have spent some time updating your decor and pulling those warmer clothes out of storage, you should also be prepping your home for the cold weather. One of the most important things you can do is schedule some regular maintenance on your home…

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Keep Your Holidays Smooth and Decorate Early

If you love holiday decorations, then December is your time to shine, literally. It’s always a good idea to sort through your decorations in advance. Start your Christmas decorating early to have a smooth holiday season. Test Your Lights The sooner you test your lights, the better. If you must replace any nonworking strands, you…

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Inspector Referrals

Everyone knows that a home inspector can give you useful information about the house you are about to buy. Did you also know that inspectors are great at providing referrals to other reliable professionals? They can be instrumental in helping you find a plumber, foundation repair expert or mold remediation specialist whom you can trust.…

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Clean Coils Equal Lower Energy Bills

Are your refrigerator coils clean? Are they working properly? Perhaps these are questions you’ve never asked but knowing the answers can save you money on your electric bill. The answers to these questions can also ensure one of your most expensive appliances is running smoothly and keeping your food fresh. If you’ve never looked at…

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