Treat Your Dryer With TLC

Most people take their appliances for granted. For example, the washer and dryer in your home make an otherwise difficult task very simple and efficient. It is rare for anyone to think about this, though, while in the process of doing laundry. While your machines don’t need your gratitude, they do need you to be…

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Find the Ideal Spot for Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are an important part of your home. They can save lives. Therefore, your home electrical and lighting plan should take into account the best places for them. Code Requirements The placement of detectors is covered by building codes, and you will have to work within these parameters. However, there is…

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Create Ambience With Whole Home Automation

When it comes to all the things that can be connected in a modern automated home, the sky’s the limit. Using one of the many popular home controllers on the market, you can operate lighting and climate systems and create ambience in any room or on the patio to match your mood. Remote control of…

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What Are the Advantages of a Radon Mitigation System?

When it comes to radon testing and remediation, some people choose to install a radon mitigation system. The primary benefit of this type of system is that you can dramatically lower the radon levels in your home. Likewise, dependent on the system itself, you may wind up with a lower humidity level in your home…

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2 Easy Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Cozy

There is nothing quite like taking a hot shower on a cold day. If you live in a cooler climate, however, you might want to make a few adjustments to your home electrical and lighting plan to ensure your bathroom stays warm once you turn off the hot water. First, consider whether you would like…

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Brighten Up Dark Places

A bright light can make even the more shadowy places in your home feel safe and inviting. Normally, venturing into the attic or the basement can seem a bit eerie, but this no longer has to be the case with the right home electrical upgrades. Specifically, it is wise to ask your electrician to install…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Natural Gas Generator

Whether you need a power source for your home or business, natural gas generators will fit the bill.  Here are three of the advantages they have over their oil-, diesel- or gasoline-powered cousins. 1. Inexpensive The price of a natural gas generator is typically lower than those powered by diesel or gasoline. The cost of…

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Invite Home Buyers to the Next Home Inspection

Home inspections are a great way for you and your buyer to learn more about a particular home. Because these services are typically paid for by the buyer, they are more than welcome to be present for the next scheduled inspection. Learn how buyers can benefit from discussing the inspection in person with the inspector.…

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If You Think Radon Testing is Too Expensive, Think Again.

When it comes to radon remediation and testing, you’re bound to hear that it’s too expensive and takes too long. Unfortunately, these common myths might turn some homeowners away. The truth is that short term testing isn’t expensive at all. In fact, some test kits are only $15. Additionally, it only takes about two to…

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Home Maintenance Checklist: Look out for Mice Nests

To prepare for the winter months, it helps to have a maintenance checklist. Breathe easy through the new year, knowing that you don’t have damages from forgotten home maintenance. One important task to remember is to check for mice nests. Where to Check for Mice Nests As the temperatures drop, mice look for warm environments…

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How To Get the Most From a Home Inspection

Home inspections give you a lot of important information about your potential new home. Even if a structure looks clean and neat inside and out, you would not know everything about it until you were living in it. So take advantage of an inspection and get the most from it. Document the Inspection Check with…

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Adapting Your Home to Your Technology

As technology changes and becomes a bigger part of your life, you may find that certain home electrical upgrades allow you to stay connected more conveniently. For example, you could consider installing USB ports in different locations within your home. These might be helpful to have in places where you commonly charge your phone or…

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Blue Collar Electric: Beautiful Rope Lighting

Rope lighting isn’t just for Christmastime. You can use rope lighting to add decoration to any room of your home, or even put the lights outside! This is just one of the many home electrical upgrades that can make your home look more modern and whimsical. What are some ways to use recessed rope lighting?…

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radon-myths -Health-Effects-of-Radon

Health Effects of Radon

One of the top radon myths out there is that the radioactive gas is not dangerous. If not addressed, radon can cause lung cancer with long-term exposure. There are a variety of institutions refuting the claim that low doses of radon are not dangerous. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the gas is a health…

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Pre-Listing Inspections Prevent Unpleasant Surprises

You may have a lot of plans dependant on selling your home. Should it fail a professional inspection conducted late in the process, you could lose an interested buyer and have big problems to deal with unexpectedly. However, a pre-listing inspection can help to prevent this. Planning Made Easier By having an inspection finished before…

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WalkIn Pantry Outlets

Make Your Walk-In Pantry Extra Useful

Coffee maker, toaster oven, blender, crock pot, electrical tea pot, microwave. What do all these items have in common? They are all frequently found in your kitchen, and they all need to be plugged in. Strategic Power Outlet Placement In addition to these kitchen appliances, you might also need an outlet for your phone or…

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Can You Test for Radon Yourself?

As a homeowner, you want your house to be a safe place for everyone who occupies it. If you have recently moved in, are thinking of selling or are just curious about your radon level, a radon test is the only way to get answers. The good news about radon testing is that you can…

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