The Perks of Scheduling Annual Heating Maintenance

Is your home ready for those chilly winter months? While you may have spent some time updating your decor and pulling those warmer clothes out of storage, you should also be prepping your home for the cold weather. One of the most important things you can do is schedule some regular maintenance on your home…

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Keep Your Holidays Smooth and Decorate Early

If you love holiday decorations, then December is your time to shine, literally. It’s always a good idea to sort through your decorations in advance. Start your Christmas decorating early to have a smooth holiday season. Test Your Lights The sooner you test your lights, the better. If you must replace any nonworking strands, you…

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Inspector Referrals

Everyone knows that a home inspector can give you useful information about the house you are about to buy. Did you also know that inspectors are great at providing referrals to other reliable professionals? They can be instrumental in helping you find a plumber, foundation repair expert or mold remediation specialist whom you can trust.…

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Clean Coils Equal Lower Energy Bills

Are your refrigerator coils clean? Are they working properly? Perhaps these are questions you’ve never asked but knowing the answers can save you money on your electric bill. The answers to these questions can also ensure one of your most expensive appliances is running smoothly and keeping your food fresh. If you’ve never looked at…

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Double-Duty Window Washing

When the weather starts warming up, it’s a sign that spring cleaning is right around the corner. High on the list of spring cleaning chores is window washing. It always feels great to wash your windows. With all smudges and spots eliminated, your view of the world is immediately upgraded! It’s also a great time to…

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How to Find Information About Radon in the Water

In learning more about radon, most homeowners want to know about radon in their water. The truth is that radon in the water is very rare. Most areas do not have this problem. Before you worry, make sure that you check with your state radon office. They will be able to give you information on…

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Backup Generators: The Benefits of Propane and Natural Gas

Having a backup generator can give you peace of mind, particularly during those months when you’re more at risk of a power outage. When selecting a generator, you can also decide whether you want natural gas or propane. Benefits of Propane and Natural Gas When you opt for propane or natural gas, you choose affordability,…

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December-Checklist-Bring-Warmth-to-Your-Decor October

December Checklist: Bring Warmth to Your Decor

With December right around the corner, you can start thinking about how you plan to keep your home cozy. As the weather cools down, people tend to spend more time indoors. This is the best time to create a cozy and comfortable environment to sustain you through the holiday season and straight into the colder…

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Home Maintenance Checklist: Balance Your Garage Door

Safety is the number one priority at home. A balanced garage door is also a safe garage door. You should check your garage door’s balance at least twice a year. How to Check the Balance To check the door’s balance, close the door and pull the opener release handle. Once the opener is disengaged, you…

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It’s a Gas: Advantages of Natural Gas Backup Generators

The benefits of having a backup generator for your home may seem obvious. However, the best type of generator may not be such a clear-cut choice. There are powerful advantages to choosing a backup generator powered by propane or natural gas. Good Points of Natural Gas Generators Backup generators that use natural gas or propane…

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Get the Most Benefit From Your Home Inspection

Inspection is an important step in buying a home. Being an active participant in each part of the process ensures you get the best results in the end — the home you want at the best price. There is a way to arrange a home inspection that benefits everyone. Hire Your Own Inspector Many real…

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Radon Your Health Savings Account

It’s time to put your health insurance coverage to work for your home! Did you know that health insurance can pay for radon mitigation costs? If your home has higher-than-recommended levels of this gas, there’s a good chance your Health Savings Account covers the price tag of everything from installation to the mitigation system itself.…

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Get the Lint Out

Laundry dryers are convenient, but in return, they require maintenance. Clean the dryer vent regularly. Dirty, lint-filled vents make your dryer work harder, causing appliance wear and bringing higher energy costs. Vents filled with lint also pose a fire hazard. Extended drying times and noticeable odors are indications your dryer vent needs cleaning. How To…

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3 Ways To Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresher Longer

‘Tis the season, and Christmas trees are everywhere. You need not live with needles falling everywhere, because real trees should last for more than one month. Here are three tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh during your festivities. Trim the Trunk When you bring your tree home, trim at least one inch off the…

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Get the Biggest Benefit From a Home Inspection

A home inspection tells you much about the house you are considering buying. Inspectors are trained to notice things others might miss. Get the most benefit from a home inspection by paying attention to something many might gloss over. Study the Roof The roof of a building determines the condition of everything underneath. Replacing a…

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Backup Generators Provide Peace of Mind

So much of your daily routine requires electricity, from cooking breakfast to watching your favorite television show after dinner. Having a backup generator ensures that your daily life is minimally impacted by blackouts and outages caused by storms and natural disasters. Generators offer peace of mind and remove stress and anxiety during an outage. They…

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